You in Colombia? This is the top 5 MUST eat!

Posted by SeaAdviser on January 04, 2019

Sometimes food taste can be classified by your type of personality! Colombia is one of the most diverse countries all around the world, and so is our wide gastronomy opened to any kind of tasty palate.

Although Colombia is a big country, we have found that there is something unique and special in each one of the 5 regions of the country for you to give it a try, however, instead of exposing it to you according to each region, we’ll give you 5 Must eat while visiting Colombia. Being in a country where it is super easy and cheap to get to different places and this country offers you a wide menu with different options of food that will make you experience something unforgettable and remarkable!

Now, let’s start!

1. If you are in the Caribbean, then you must treat yourself with a fresh and tasty “pescado frito” which is made up of Pescado with Patacon (Fried flat plantain) and avocado salad; you can eat it with coconut rice which makes it incredibly delicious. This is definitely a must when you come to the north coast of Colombia, since there is a wide variety of fishes you will never find yourself eating the same fish but rather trying out different local fished and fresh fishes.

2. Now that you have tried out pescado frito (I hope so) it is time to give it a try to the “Arepa de Huevo” (Not sure what would be a good translation in English, but once you’ve tried it, I’m sure you’ll never forget its particular name in Spanish lol). This a corn, fried “home” made arepa filled with egg, meat (in some cases), you will find it almost everywhere in the northern Colombian coast, since this typical food was born in this area, it is very popular among locals and foreigners. People can also find it in other cities like Bogotá, but let me tell you, it will never be the same, it is in the coast that you will find the best, original ones.

3. Going down toward the middle of the country, you will most likely find yourself in the Mountains, more precisely in Colombia’s second largest city, Medellin. when it comes to this region and its capital city, I have to say that the first thing you’ll see in this area is carbs! If you’re a carb lover, then this is your place! If you are not, then just give it a chance and you’ll not regret when tasting it with the great explosion of flavors food from this region of the country offers. The amount of calories is directly proportional to the amount of satisfaction you’ll treasure in your heart.

This is our 3rd must eat in Colombia, if you want something that has it all, then go and get a “Bandeja Paisa in Medellin”. A dish made up of Chicharron (Pork), grounded meat, beans, rice, plantain, Chorizo, avocado and egg.

Let’s say you want to get a little bit wild and weird, then go to Ibague and have yourself a portion of Lechona, it is a roast pig stuffed with rice, vegetables and that has been cooked for about 9 hours.

4. If you are in Bogotá D.C, the capital of Colombia and its largest city, you must try the ajiaco, this a soup made up essentially of corn, chicken, potato (several kind of potatoes) and many other ingredients, but one that can not be missed and is its essential one, is guasca, this a herb grown throughout South America.

5. Colombian food is also great for snacking and there are plenty of stalls selling particular favorites. One such delicacy is empanadas.

You can find this all over South America, but each country has made its own version of the dish. The origin of this dish lies back in Spain and Portugal. Empanada comes from the Spanish word empanar, which means to wrap or coat in bread. Basically, the empanada is like a small pasty which is baked or fried. In Colombia they are usually fried.

You will find a wide range of different empanadas throughout the country, from the north to the south they are not the same, since each region fill them with different ingredients from meat, to chicken and even cheese.