About Us

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About Us

SeaAdviser is a company founded by Colombian entrepreneurs who want to make the booking of tours and activities online easy. We believe that finding and booking unique activities and adventures should be an easy task for anyone who is interested in using these services. A lot of tourists want to travel and discover what their destination can offer. After booking their flights and hotels, they did not really find a platform that allowed them to fully enjoy life-changing adventures, this is how SeaAdviser was born.

Trying to find a reliable platform that allows finding and booking aquatic activities in the Latin American market can be a quite challenging and difficult task, and more when you do not know the market nor the language. SeaAdviser is a company founded by two Colombian entrepreneurs who want to make the booking of aquatic activities easy.

Our main goal is to help both companies and individuals, by providing comprehensive solutions to their needs, we aim to give a complete and professional support to our clients whether they are nautical companies, providers of touristic activities or just individuals interested in nautical activities and with the desire to live an unique experience as part of their journey.

We count on a wide range of services such as marins, peers, nautical tourism and activities companies, hotels and/or hostels, complementary tourism activities companies. All this options aim to provide the best, most efficient, low cost and unique solutions and experiences to our clients.