5 Must Visit Coffee Shops While You're in Bogota

Posted by SeaAdviser on December 24, 2019

Koffie in Afrikaans, Koffie in Dutch, Kafo in Esperanto, der Kaffee in German, Kofi in Hindi, Café in Spanish and Coffee in English, different word, different spelling, different pronunciation, however is the same bean that when it is finally roasted, produces the most aromatic, tranquil, energized, romantic and amazing taste that compels all together in a cup that produces the same effect of pleasure everywhere in the world, and Colombia is not the exception.

Bogota, right in the center of Colombia and right where many go for pleasure, provides you with a wide variety of coffee shops, where it is a real DELIGHT to just sit, have a good chat around a cup of Colombian Coffee. Here, we provide you with what we believe are the 5 must-visit coffee shops in Bogota:


With a really beautiful place to sit, amazing prices and a plus an expert barista that will provide you with all the info you need to make your pick. Its name comes from a flower of a coffee plant. It was built on a shipping container and it was founded by some travelers that were passionate about getting the best they could from Colombian Coffee.


Its cozy, comfortable and modern design provides coffee lovers with something just perfect for them! You can taste and be taught by the expert baristas and their deep wisdom about coffee.


Wonderful place for an authentic coffee experience. Different coffee origins, different roasting techniques, excellent explanation, with an excellent customer service, places this one on the top among Bogota’s coffee shops. If you have enough time to spend in Bogota and want to have an EXPERIENCE, visit this place!


Just tasty! It is a new option for those coffee lovers, you can ask for their exotics options! The location is amazing and even it is a small place, you can encounter yourself with peace and relaxation after a hard day at work or after a long travel.


It is designed with vintage style and bringing back all of those traditional history of Bogota. It is located right in Bogota, in the historic downtown and Candelaria area. Is an amazing option to sit and chill after walking around this zone that provides you with interesting facts of Colombia’s history.

This is just a small help for you who is looking for a guide in the country of Coffee, Colombia!