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Skydiving Experience in Bogotá - Dive into the sky!

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✔ Plane ride

✔ Professional guide

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Fly and feel the air in your face while falling from 10,000 feet-high This is your opportunity to live this experience!

Have you ever heard about it? it is call: skydiving, it is a lifetime experience that consist of jumping from an airplane into the vacuum and landing helped by a parachute. This is your opportunity to live this experience.


This amazing journey starts in Bogotá, Colombia`s capital and largest city. Schedule your activity as better suits you, arrive at the airport’s facilities where you will meet the instructors and the team who will guide you, teach you and jump with you; they will give you all the information you need to know in order to live this experience in the safest way this part takes.

Once you are at the location, you will be instructed on how to jump, you’ll go through a practical lesson to simulate how is it going to be up there, that way you can learn how to move and everything that needs to be done.

This instructive part takes about 15 minutes, during this part, you will be given the special equipment to jump, then get on the plane and flight up to 10,000 feet- high, this flight last 20 minutes, once you have reached the necessary altitude, get ready and jump on a 2,500 km/h free-fall that last 15 minutes, finish by returning to the staring point. Since this is an unique experience, at he end of the activity you will receive a video recording and photos, this way you can make your memories last forever!

USD 199 per person

COP: ≈ 681.500 por persona.

Please book it fast, this experience is very popular and is likely to get fully booked

Mobile ticket available

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