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Boat experience on 7 islands of Cartagena

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   Get out of the routine, do something new on your vacations and enjoy an adventure with your family and friends while sailing and visiting the beautiful beaches of the Colombian Caribbean. You will also have the opportunity to snorkel in any of these exotic locations.

   This experience will show you all the natural wealth of Cartagena and the Rosario Islands that include: Isla Grande, Isla Cholón, Playa Azul, Playa Blanca, Playa Linda, Playa Libre and Barú.

   Make your reservation and experience a wonderful day aboard our exclusive boats and luxury yachts with the best plan in Cartagena.


8:45am-9:00am Check-In process at Marina Santa Cruz in Manga (Calle 25 # 24 at 10 Calle Real, Barrio Manga).

9:00am-9:30am We set sail for Isla Grande.

9:30am-11:00am Enjoy the sensational beaches of Isla Grande Island and its perfect blue sea where you can swim, snorkel, tan or take photos underwater.

11:00am-11:30am We sail towards Isla Arena.

11:30am–12:00pm You will be able to enjoy of a beautiful island with a wonderful beach.

12:00pm-12:30pm Enjoy the white sands of the beach of this beautiful island.

12:30pm-1:00pm We sail to Playa Azul while experiencing the beautiful blue sea of ​​the Colombian Caribbean.

1:00pm-2:00pm Once in Playa Azul you can enjoy a relaxing massage, crystal clear and warm waters or the magical landscape of this exotic location.

2:00pm-2:30pm We raise anchors and go to Playa Blanca, our last stop of the day. In this beach you can taste the delicious typical dishes of the region: fried fish with coconut rice, seviche, casseroles among others.

3:30pm-4:20pm We return to Cartagena with the sunset hiding behind the bay and the walled city that seems to light up just for your entertainment.

USD 699 (max. 10 people)

COP: ≈ 2,390.000 per person.

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