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Paragliding Experience in the Chicamocha Canyon

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✔ All the necessary equipment

✔ Professional guide

✔ Bilingual guide

✔ Private tour

✔ 20-30 minute flight


   Come and enjoy this incredible maritime experience!


     Feel the freedom to fly over the Caribbean Sea   


     This is your chance to live this experience and fly over the sea!   


   We take off near the CHICAMOCHA NATIONAL PARK (5 km up the national road), we have a private takeoff (The highest in the Chicamocha canyon), a 1200-meter mountain slope with respect to the Chicamocha river (1740 masl) and a height maximum obtained in flight of 3000 masl in optimal conditions.

   A flight is offered between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the conditions we find and the comfort of the passenger once on the flight.

   The landing can vary, that is, if we gain good height, we arrive at the same site or else in one of the optional pre-established places on the banks of the Chicamocha River, once there the transport of the company is responsible for the transfer to the meeting point initial.

USD 79 per person

(≈ COP$ 270,500)

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